StackHPC Winter Design Summit

Our team is becoming increasingly international, and while we work well as a virtual organisation, sometimes there is no substitute for gathering in a room and charting the course of the company for the ensuing months.

We have been holding design summits for the last few years, with the purpose of reviewing new technologies, considering improvements to our team processes and updating everyone on the growth and financial position of the firm.

In addition, we issue employee stock options to broaden the team's stake in the company's success.

With our growing team, and growing customer base, we spent a good deal of time discussing how we can continue to work as effectively as we do while the company grows and takes on new commitments to deliver. The agility of our working practices has been our strength, and we intend to keep it that way.

This is an exciting time to be working on the creation of high-performance cloud infrastructure, and our discussions reflected the pace of innovation occurring on many fronts. Watch this space for 2020!

Map of StackHPC's design summit

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