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Developing Skills for Scientific OpenStack

Institutions with deep knowledge of the skills needed for managing conventional HPC infrastructure can find the paradigms and tools of cloud a steep learning curve.

The skills gap is one of the greatest challenges facing research institutions making the journey to OpenStack private cloud.

StackHPC is here to help. We offer workshops for research institutions to build up the local skill set, capabilities and confidence in order to help teams tasked with OpenStack administration become effective and self-sustaining as quickly as possible.

Our workshops offer some unique advantages, described here.

Delivered at a Customer Site

Rather than bringing team members to a different city or country, or even delivering workshop content virtually in an online session, we offer to visit the customer site and deliver our workshop embedded in the customer environment. This enables attendees to take part where sessions are most useful to them, giving increased flexibility and convenience for the customer.

Content Specific for High-Performance OpenStack

StackHPC offers workshops focused on delivering high performance technologies in an OpenStack environment. The aim of the workshops is to help develop the skill set of the OpenStack team at a customer site, to enable them to introduce high performance capabilities into their OpenStack deployments.

Bespoke for Customer Needs

Rather than delivering a training course by rote from an inflexible syllabus, we aim to tailor our workshops to areas of our subject matter expertise that address specific needs for the customer. In this way we bring a more productive experience that is concentrated on customer success.

Working Together on Real Customer Problems

It's too easy for canned examples, delivered from a cloud-hosted test lab, not to translate into real-world customer environments. We ensure our workshops are relevant and full of concrete benefit by working in a customer's own development environment, using the same toolchains and methods.

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