A Universe from Nothing: Try Kayobe in your own Model Universe

There is momentum building behind Kayobe, our deployment tool of choice for deploying OpenStack in performance-intensive and research-oriented use cases. At the recent Open Infrastructure Summit in Denver, Maciej Kucia and Maciej Siczek gave a great presentation in which they spoke positively about their experiences with Kayobe:

At the same summit, our hands-on workshop on Kayobe deployment had people queuing to get in, and received plenty of positive feedback from attendees who rolled up their sleeves and worked through the experience.

Universe from Nothing Workshop

One significant piece of feedback from the workshop was that people wanted to be able to try this workshop out at home, on their own resources, to enable them to share the experience and understand at their leisure how it all fits together.

So we added a page to the Kayobe docs for people looking to recreate A Universe from Nothing in their own time and space. As well as a step-by-step README all the scripts for creating the lab environment are provided.

Universe from Nothing Tenks

To recreate the lab, a single server is required with a fairly relaxed baseline of requirements:

  • At least 32GB of RAM
  • At least 40GB of disk
  • CentOS 7 installed
  • Passwordless sudo for the lab user
  • Processor virtualisation should be enabled (nested virt if it is a VM)

Have fun!

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