StackHPC at OpenStack Barcelona

Published: Fri 28 October 2016
Updated: Tue 08 November 2016
By Stig Telfer

In News.

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Even in the fast-moving world of cloud compute, we don't see many weeks like this one...

Although it has officially been running for only six months, the Scientific Working Group took centre stage at the opening keynote at the OpenStack summit in Barcelona. Stig took to the stage (approx 19 minutes into the movie clip below) to talk about the great value of the working group, and talked with Lauren Sell about the forthcoming book written by Stig with expert contributions by a large number of WG members.

The Scientific Working Group went on to have a busy summit:

  • The HPC/Research speaker track, selected by track judges drawn from the WG, featured seven talks on subjects relevant to research computing use cases.

  • The Scientific Working Group committee meeting was well attended and new directions were set for the coming development cycle.

  • The Scientific OpenStack BoF was great fun, with the prize for the best lightning talk (sponsored by Dell/EMC) being won by Adam Huffman from the Crick Institute in London.

    Attendees at the Scientific OpenStack BoF George Mihaiescu at the Scientific OpenStack BoF
  • Scientific WG evening social was attended by 57 hungry research computing specialists, and generously subsidised by Mellanox.

What a great week!