StackHPC at FOSDEM/PGDay 2017

PG Day covered all things Postgres at FOSDEM 2017, and Steve Simpson, one of StackHPC's senior technical leads, presented at PG Day on his thoughts for how some of the advanced features of Postgres could really shine as a backing store for telemetry, logging and monitoring.

As Steve describes in his interview for FOSDEM PG Day, he understands Postgres from the intimate vantage point of having worked with the code base, and gained respect for its implementation under the hood in addition to its capabilities as an RDBMS.

Through exploiting the unique strengths of Postgres, Steve sees an opportunity to both simplify and enhance OpenStack monitoring in one move. He'll be elaborating on his proposed designs and the progress of this project in a StackHPC blog post in due course.

Steve's talk was recorded and slides are available on slideshare.