Flatten the Learning Curve with OpenStack HIIT

With the current Coronavirus lockdown affecting many countries (including all the countries in which we work), remote working and videoconference has become the only way to be productive.

At StackHPC our flexible and distributed team is already used to working this way with clients. We have gone further, and developed online training for workshops we would normally deliver in person.

OpenStack HIIT: OpenStack in Six Sessions

With a nod to the intensity of OpenStack's infamous learning curve, we've called our new workshop format OpenStack HIIT.

OpenStack HIIT is a remote workshop, delivered by video conference. The workshop is organised into six sessions. Session topics include:

  1. Step-by-step deployment of an OpenStack control plane into a virtualised lab environment.
  2. A deep dive into the control plane to understand how it fits together and how it works.
  3. Operations and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) principles. Best practices for operating cloud infrastructure.
  4. Monitoring and logging for OpenStack infrastructure and workloads.
  5. Deploying platforms and applications to OpenStack infrastructure.
  6. OpenStack software-defined networking deep dive.
  7. Ceph storage and OpenStack.
  8. Contributing to a self-sustaining open source community.
  9. Deploying Kubernetes using OpenStack Magnum.

Each session is led by a Senior Tech Lead from StackHPC's team. The workshop is designed to be interactive and up to six attendees can be supported.

Because it is remotely delivered, the sessions can be spread out, enabling attendees to read around the subject, practice content learned and prepare ahead for the next session.

The interactive sessions use lab infrastructure provided as part of the workshop. In some circumstances a client's own infrastructure can be used, which gives a client the opportunity to retain the lab environment and to use it between sessions. Additional provision for qualification of a client environment is required in this case.

For further details see our HIIT workshop brochure

OpenStack HIIT

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