HPCAC Conference Keynote: Ceph on the Brain

The HPC Advisory Council held its 2018 workshop in Lugano in the beautiful region of Ticino, Switzerland.

InsideHPC has recorded footage and gathered presentation slides from much of the conference, available here. Thanks Rich!

I was able to return to the conference and deliver a keynote presentation, in partnership with Adrian Tate from Cray EMEA Research Lab. We spoke on the Cray-Intel pre-commercial procurement (PCP) project, codenamed JULIA, for the Human Brain Project at J├╝lich Supercomputer Centre. Adrian spoke on Cray's recent R&D work on data movement within application workflows. I spoke on work to optimise Ceph for NVMe and HPC network architectures.

InsideHPC covered it here. Their footage of the presentation is also available on their YouTube channel:

An HPC conference can bring together hot technologies such as software-defined storage and non-volatile memory, and appraise them in the context of HPC's long tradition of maximising the capability of computation at scale.

An exciting time for StackHPC to be standing at this crossroads!